Anglesey Poultry Society...

Anglesey Poultry Society AGM, Holland Arms, 7:30pm, Tuesday 11th April 2017.

A message from the Committee....... Hi all, its with a heavy heart that I have to announce that the committee has unanimously decided to cancel our Spring show due to the ongoing bird flu epidemic. We do however have every intention of holding our Autumn show, but in light of the fact of having only the one show we have decided to reduce our membership for this year to 3.50 adult, 7 for family. Please note all members that subs are now due, as members usually renew with the Spring show entry. If members would like to save on postage I am willing to accept subs through Pay pal, please let me know if you would like to renew via this route. Thank you and may you all have a good breeding season....... Wendy.

We are a group of poultry enthusiasts that decided to form a poultry society on Anglesey, North Wales, which is traditionally a rural area that has historically kept chickens, not only in backyards and gardens but also on almost every farm many moons ago.

The chickens supplied their owners with fresh eggs and meat and acted as a form of payment for other goods such as; butter, wood and coal, essential items during wartime and other times of poverty.

We are enthusiastic to promote the keeping of chickens in gardens again, not only to supply the owners with fresh eggs superior to commercial eggs, but also to promote them as perfect pets for children due to the low maintenance and low cost of husbandry.

We have members from complete novices to experts that have won in national poultry shows and all poultry keepers are welcome to join.

Please see our membership page for further details. We also show our birds both locally and regionally and we are fortunate to have poultry judges amongst our members.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website.